22-in Charcoal Grill & BBQ Accessories(18Pcs), Joyfair Outdoor Camping Kettle Smoker, Enamel Coating & Premium Iron Grill, Melting Dome with Whole Set Grilling Tools for Barbecue Smoking Cooking


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Brand Joyfair
Product Dimensions 22.5″D x 21″W x 16″H
Special Feature Heavy Duty
Color Black Grill+ Grill Tools (18Pcs)
Fuel Type Charcoal

About this item

  • 【WHOLE SET – 18PCS】 You will get a 22-in Charcoal Grill and totally 17 pieces accessories in this Joyfair kit, INCLUDING: 9-in Melting Dome, Grill Mat, Grill Spatula, Grill Tong, Grill Fork, Basting Brush, Screwdriver, 2 x Squeeze Bottles, 2 x Cleaning Stones, 2 x Pepper Shakers, 4 x Kabob Skewers, This professional Grill with tools set is ideal outdoor grill/ patio cooking/ backyard barbecue/ Beach Party,etc.
  • 【HEAVY DUTY GRILL】 Joyfair Charcoal Grill is adopt upgraded enamel technology on the lid and fire box to retain heat for consistent temperature and even cooking, Reduce the risk of rust, cracking, peeling, and deformation, Withstanding high grilling temperatures reaches 1472-1832℉, Extra thick steel provides sturdy construction without deformation
  • 【BBQ TOOLS】 9 inch Melting Domes are perfect to cover multiple burger and large amount of veggies, No worry about hot oil splashing anymore, Multi-purpose spatula is perfect to flipping, cutting, tenderizing meats and dripping grease, Bottle opener provides convenience for opening the beer lid, Come with Grill fork, Food tong, Basting brush and Kabob skewers help you to easily deal with different foods, Grill Mat can keeps your food from falling between the grates or sticking to the grill
  • 【GRILL RACKS】 Extra large cooking area with Primary grilling area(355Sq.In.) & Warming area(160Sq.In.), Ideal for 5-8 people, Perfect to cooking burger patties, bacon, steaks, sausages, kebab at the same time, Stainless steel grilling rack with chrome plating does not release any harmful substance, Thicker outer ring for support heavy food with ease, PLUS TOOLS to take out the full rack easily
  • 【UPGRADED WEELS】 Bearing embedded in the wheel to ensure rolling smoothly without wobble, Greatly enhances the stability of the whole grill, Freely pushed it on different ground without creaking, Features a 19.5’’x18’’ bottom shelf to provides large storage space, Which can hold up to 20LB for charcoal and grill tools
  • 【HEAT CONTROL】 A built-in lid thermometer can monitor the temperature in real time, No longer afraid of burning, Bringing a better cooking taste to your favorite meals, Control the internal temperature without lifting the lid, By easily adjusting the dampers, Closing the dampers completely will cut the oxygen flow to help extinguish coals